Network and Computer Installation and Service

Excel sells and installs computers. We also install computers that customers have purchased from a third party.

We work with most operating systems, including Microsoft Windows, Linux, and Mac OS.

We work with all types of networks and troubleshoot network issues from simple communications issues to complex firewall and filtering applications.

Wireless or Wired Networks

Excel services and installs wireless networks, including setting up WEP and WPA security.

Virtual Private Networks (VPN)

Excel sets up and troubleshoots Virtual Private Networks.

Virtual Private Networks allow computers and networks to create a secure connection to each other through the internet. This is useful for telecommuters and people that always need to be able to connect to the office. We can also set up VPN's to connect remote offices so that resources can be shared between sites.

Data Recovery and Digital Picture Recovery

Excel has the capabilities and expertise to recover deleted or lost files. This is useful if someone accidentally deletes a file, or if a computer crashes and files are lost. We also have capabilities to recover digital pictures that have been accidentally deleted or deleted due to many hardware failures.

If you need files recovered it is important that no other data be written to the drive or media. The best practice is to call us as soon as you know you need this service. The longer you wait the less likely the files can be recovered. However, we have been able to recover many files that were believed to be completely gone even after other computer services said the files could not be recovered.

Data Destruction

Excel will erase hard drives destroying all data on the drive to military standards. The drives can also be physically destroyed. Rendering any data on them unrecoverable.


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